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Do you have a retail location?

As of right now, we are currently online only, but we hope to have a retail location in the future!

When will my pre-order be here?

All of our shipments will arrive starting in mid-May. We will send an email to inform you when they are on their way!

Can my palm tree survive outside in the winter?

No, they can not survive winter outside, unfortunately. There are some species that can stay outside with protection, but they require a small shelter to be built around them. If your palm tree is in a pot, you can easily grow it indoors over the winter. Make sure to provide them with as much light as you can inside your house and to keep them a little bit on the dry side. If your home is too small to accommodate them but you have a cool (not freezing) garage or shed, you may also keep them there for the winter.

The checkout shows the full amount on my pre-order. I thought I only had to pay a 50% deposit?

Yes, at checkout you will see the full amount of your order. Your credit card or Paypal will authorize the full amount but we only process 50% during the pre-order phase. The remaining balance will only be charged once you receive your plant.

When should I bring my palms inside?

Most tropical palms need to be brought inside before the temperature gets lower than 12 degrees celsius. Sub-tropical species can be kept outside down to 5 degrees celsius. You can then bring them back outside in the Spring when the average overnight temperature is above 12 degrees.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery throughout Ontario and Canada. Please see our shipping policy.

Can I plant my palm tree outside?

If you only wish to have your palm for one season, you can certainly plant them outside. However, if you want to keep your palm alive through the winter, we recommend keeping them in the planter so that you are able to bring the palm inside during the cold months. Treat palms as you would any flowering annual plant such as hibiscus or geranium.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! Please visit our Wholesale page to learn more.

I have a restaurant with a patio. Do you offer rentals on palm trees for the summer months?

Yes, we do! Our rental program runs from June 1 to September 30 and includes all palms that are 15 gallons and up. Visit our Business Rentals page to learn more!

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