Can The Palms Survive Winter?

No, they can not survive winter outside unfortunately. There are some species that can stay outside with protection, they require a small shelter to be built around them. Simply plant in their pot or a nice planter to easily transfer them inside once the cold weather arrives.

At Checkout it Shows Full Amount?

Yes, at checkout you will see the full amount of your order. Your credit card or Paypal will authorize the full amount but we only accept 50% during pre-order phase. 

What Do I Do With My Palms For The Winter?

Most people bring inside their house and treat them like a house plant. They can be put in the basement with the use of a LED grow lights as well. 

When Do I Bring My Palms Inside?

Most tropical palms need to be brought inside before the temperature gets lower than 12 degrees celsius. Sub-tropical species can be kept outside down to 5 degrees celsius. You can then bring them back outside in the Spring when the average overnight temperature is above 12 degrees.

Do You Offer Delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery throughout Ontario  and Canada. Please see our shipping policy.

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